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I'm Stressed. . .

Posted by Jnr1114 - December 14th, 2009

I'm stressed with music composing. I have to many unfinished files. I have stuff that I want to keep 'cause they took a long time to make but there not very good. . . So now I feel all tangled inside :(
Oh well, I'll just keep chuggin' a long.


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Same here

. . .Yeah. I am just mad on how I can't accomplish some stuff.

Dude did you know how much of an Asshole he was to me?
he told me "if i was getting low scores tehre obviously something wrong that you need to fix""
Dont bother even tryong to tell him whats wrong as i have kindly done that before (before being an ass)
He was a total Jackass who pmed me "Hey Im gonan Zero bomb all your songs now" and he actually went through my entire list and zero bombed them.

He gave the EXACT same Crap to me as im giving to him.
I already tried the good cop act on him. You cant tell him whats wrong cause he belives all of his songs are Imeasurably Perfect, and in noo need of fixing.
aka what he proclaims as "The best song ever"

He talked shit to me, and he never left me a note saying how to help. the first time he commented on my song he was even a total asshole going
"You suck why dont you just die already"

Oh Btw.
If your stressed about music. Take a break from it. Do something else (play some games, Go and have fun) just completeley forget about music, and sooner or later inspiration will come to you.
Its always worked for me

Lidlurch? Well, to be honest. I know him and he has been nice to me most of the time. I can't remember anything he has done to me. Some people just get off the wrong foot I guess. It could have been a long time ago, maybe he has chnaged?

Anyways, yeah. I did take a break. It felt good.