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Finally. . .

2009-12-22 14:40:36 by Jnr1114

I am actually getting somewhere. I got 4 projects at once so I kinda go threw them. Like I'll think "I feel like techno" so I'd work on that or I'd feel like Piano and I'd go work on that. Works pretty good :P
Anyways, I'll be releasing some next week. Hopefully I get some out there :D


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2009-12-23 05:19:53

Nice. just be sure to work on 1 song this time. XD (Over achiver D:< )
I finally got myself a pretty damn expensive eletric keyboard. Well worth it, Just tried out a quick Unplanned song on it and submitted it.

just remember. School (you can over achive) Music making (overachiving will blow your mind from confusion, trust me i tried it D: )

Jnr1114 responds:

Haha, I released Track 4 of the Pianoi Series. Check it out.


2009-12-23 06:48:43

And yes, Im making a Flash So far i have the Storyboard planned out. the base animation done after midterms i can complete it

Jnr1114 responds:

Sweet, let me know when you finish, ok?