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Entry #5

Metal here I come!

2010-04-29 19:51:57 by Jnr1114

I am now back and working on music. Only this time, I have picked up a huge insterest in recording Heavey Metal instead of Orchestral and Techno. Though, I still have LOTS of some coming out with Orche in it, they might take longer then I though. Here is a list of all my music soon to come.

The King Has Died - Orchestral <--My best piece yet!
Forest of Friends - Classical
Yet Another DEMO - Orchestral
Harmony KJ - Classical

Reapers One DEMO - Metal
Journey To Death - Heavey Metal

Plus much more that might take longer.



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2010-04-29 21:36:29

Heap Houlf PWNS BitXXXXChs Like You!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! :) :) :) CRUNK OVERDOSE

Jnr1114 responds:

. . . Cool. . .


2010-06-21 08:54:27

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